Justin Cordova CV


Bachlor of Fine Arts degree, concentration in photography, from Auburn University, 2014.



-Portfolio, Atlanta Photography Group Gallery. Atlanta, Georgia.

     Guest Juror: Richard Mccabe, curator of photography at Ogden Museum of

        Southern Art. New Orleans, Louisiana.


-Parellel Parellel, Senior Show. Biggin Gallery. Auburn, Alabama.

-New Color Photography, Black Box Gallery. Portland, Oregon.

-Concepts, New Conceptual Photography, Atlanta Photography Group Gallery.         

      Atlanta, Georgia.


-Student Juried Art Show, Biggin Gallery, Auburn University. Auburn, Alabama. 

      Guest juror Patty Johnson, creator of Art F City.com. -Awarded

-Fresh: Emerging Artists. The Color Room, Opelika, Alabama.

-Floating: A Screen-Printed Art Show. Bell + Bragg Art Gallery. Auburn,

      Alabama. –Organized and Produced show

-Auburn Association of Visual Arts Photo Annual. Jan Dampsy Art Center.

      Auburn, Alabama.


-Student Juried Art Show, juror Peter Plagens, notable New York art critic. Biggin

      Gallery, Auburn University. Auburn, Alabama.

-Maya Angelou Empowering Women in the Arts: Juried undergraduate show.

      Jule Collins Museum of Fine Art. Auburn, Alabama.

-La Monstra, Student and faculty summer exhibition. Cortona, Italy.

-International Study Abroad Exhibit, Lamar Dodd School of Art, University of

      Georgia. Athens, Georgia.


-Auburn Association of visual arts Photo Annual, Jan Dempsy Art Center

      Auburn, Alabama –awarded


- Student Juried Art Show. University of Alabama, Gallery. Tuscaloosa, Alabama.


-Advanced print-making skill sets include:

–Screen-printing process –Mezzoting process

–Dry point and Acid bath etching processes

-Advanced photographic skill sets include:

-All film and digital capture processes, including all film formats

-Natural and artificial lighting alteration and techniques

-Wet dark room black and white development including fiber based paper


-Majority of experience residing in digital dark room workflow from scan to edit

   to print of film negatives as well as digital capture

-Use and maintenance of Epson brand inkjet printer

-Gallery skill set include:

-Frame building

-Hanging and Installation of work

-Organizing, planning, and advertisment of events.

-In show documentation

-Other skills: Experience with carpentry, metal working, painting and stone carving.


-Association of Visual Artists, student-run arts association. Auburn University. 2011-2013



225 S Jefferson Davis PKWY New Orleans, La. 70119



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